Pants Form Double

 Pants Form – Fast and Easy (2 CD Set) is a multimedia CD null
(how to make a duct tape pants form)

A step-by-step guide that teaches you the the secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to make your perfect pants clone.

You’ll learn everything you need to know from supplies that you can purchase from any of your local stores. If you are tired of mistakes with pants fitting…it’s because not having a pants form is the biggest mistake of them all!

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This How to make a Pants Form Ebook makes it easy for you to professionally make a custom replica of you so that you can easily see how to design pants and skirts with ease!

You will learn:

  • How to prepare for taping 
  • How to tape and where to begin taping for best results 
  • How to make custom legs
  • How to stand while being taped
  • A detailed supply list with items from your local sewing stores
  • How to make a handy tool caddy for your sewing notions 
  • Make all your pattern fitting precise with you in front of you! 
  • How to cut off the taped pants form while on you 
  • See your figure like everyone else sees it 
  • Stand and Base supply lists with item #’s for each part supplied by Home Depot, Menards and Lowes
  • How to build a "pelvis PVC stand"
  • How to build a rotating base so that your pants form turns by the touch of a finger 
  • And Much Much Mor


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These CD’s on How to make a Pants Form on e- Book will make your pants form the most useable fashion design fitting tool that you will ever have!

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