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How to make a Dress form Double
Would you believe these are all duct tape doubles underneath?

Can you fit everyone else but yourself? Well....we are here to change that!

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Are you tired of ruining precious time and money when trying to make patterns fit?

You are not alone....Without a dress form double, pattern fitting is going to be a constant guesswork.

"If you can fit everyone else but you can't fit yourself, then you need a custom dress form."

  See why over 5,000 women have
decided on this duct tape double method!

Dress Forms
How to make a body double

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We are the innovators of this process.  If you see this anywhere else....They are copying!  There is a right way and a wrong way to making a duct tape double.....

We show you how to make THE VERY BEST custom dress form and the how's and why's of putting design lines on your dress form. 

You are going to learn Jean Haas' patented system.....Click Here to order these videos now.

"I took the draping class using the dressform.... I learned more in this class than I have in years of taking fitting classes and still not having things that fit.  This is truly the only way to make good fitting clothing. I would recommend this class to everyone who is interested in sewing for themselves or whomever - it's the only way!"


Step 1...Do you have your own Custom Dress Form?

  If not....You can Choose Dressform DVD's
 or thru our Online Classes


"I just wanted to post an official thank-you for a great class. I finished up my first dress last night using the dressform and it fits me perfectly. Completely perfectly. I'm totally in love with it. Without the dressform it would have come out too large and hanging terribly on me. With my form I was able to adjust the pattern pieces to my size. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like my sewing life is changed!"


Step 2...Do you have a cover on your dress form with all the essential design lines?

Choose Video Ebook or Online Class


Step 3...Do you know how to use your dress form?  Learn how to drape patterns and fit patterns...

Choose Video Ebook or Online Class


Step 4...Come to our "Hands-On" Workshop...

Click here for more information....

Copyright 1999-2012 Classact Designs.  All "Body Drafting" and "Clone Yourself" techniques are copyrighted and patented.  The Dressformdesigning Systems can only be taught and publicly used by Dressform consultants certified by Jean Haas Inc.